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Glen Pitt-Pladdy :: Blog

opendkim on Cacti via SNMP

With having switched to opendkim with Postfix, I've also created Cacti scripts and templates to match. Like before I'm keeping with using SNMP as the transport for all my templates and using my Universal Log Analyser framework. I've been distracted recently so this set of Cacti templates has been sitting around unpublished for some time since the article on configuring opendkim.

If you're unfamiliar with my work on the above then please read the articles above before starting. This article assumes you have the basics in place that are described above.

Universal Log Analyser Plugin

In the tarball (see below) you will find the plugin for uloganalyser. Add this to the plugin directory (typically /etc/snmp/uloganalyser-plugin/) and update the SNMP cronjob created previously for Postfix or create a new one to include the opendkim plugin. My Postfix cronjob section now looks like this:

# run postfix & dovecot stats
/etc/snmp/uloganalyser \
        /var/log/mail.log.1 \
        /var/log/mail.log \
        /var/local/snmp/mail \
        postfix opendkim clamav spamd dovecot

Verify that after sufficient time to find some opendkim log lines that stats get generated and stored in the stats file.

Extend smnpd

Add the opendkim-stats script (making it executable if needed) to a suitable place (typically /etc/snmp/) and add the extension configuration to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf like:

extend opendkim /etc/snmp/opendkim-stats

Restart snmpd to enable the configuration.

Cacti Templates

Simply import this template, and add the graphs you want to the appropriate device graphs in Cacti. It should just work if your SNMP is working correctly for that device (ensure other SNMP parameters are working for that device).

Download: opendkim Universal Log Analyser plugin and Cacti Template are on GitHub

Graph Screenshot

opendkim stats on Cacti via SNMP