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Glen Pitt-Pladdy :: Blog

Ignore Android Market (Play) App Updates

I've recently made the jump from Nokia to Android and there are a number of annoyances with Android that nobody seems to have a solution to, though some are actually really easy. Before an iPhone wielding Apple fan boy/girl chirps up - there are far more thing I would worry about on an iPhone... just being largely blind to and/or having not control over what apps are actually allowed to get up to (like siphoning off your contacts) is more than enough reason to avoid them for me.

The first annoyance is that Play Store (was Android Market) checks for updates and puts a notification up about apps that can be updated:

Android App Update Notification

Forums are full of people saying that the only way to ignore updates are to root your phone. Certainly an awful lot of stuff on Android does make it very tempting to root the phone - like clear out all the junk apps that come in the phone's ROM and can't be removed, and particularly the ones that start at boot and/or have dodgy permissions that I can't reject.

Back to app updates - the thing that makes them annoying is actually the notification, rather than them being in the list of apps that can be updated which you only see when you go into the Play Store app. Fortunately the notification is easy to deal with yet none of the people in forums seem to point this out. In the Play Store app select the menu and choose settings:

Android App Update Notification Setting

Just untick "Notifications".... and never get bothered about app update notifications again.

..... now if only it was that easy to loose all the bloatware that comes on the phone.