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Glen Pitt-Pladdy :: Blog

With my Cacti templates I often get people having problems trying to load them into older versions. Here's hack for forward compatibility that may help.

One thing that comes up often is the people want to use my templates with older versions of Cacti. When this happens you will likely get an error like "Cacti version does not exist".

Fortunately this can be easily cured by adding in the version the template was made under into the Cacti file global_arrays.php and/or config_array.php as follows:

$hash_version_codes = array(
    "0.8.4"  => "0000",
    "0.8.5"  => "0001",
    "0.8.5a" => "0002",
    "0.8.6"  => "0003",
    "0.8.6a" => "0004",
    "0.8.6b" => "0005",
    "0.8.6c" => "0006",
    "0.8.6d" => "0007",
    "0.8.6e" => "0008",
    "0.8.6f" => "0009",
    "0.8.6g" => "0010",
    "0.8.6h" => "0011",
    "0.8.6i" => "0012",
    "0.8.6j" => "0013",
    "0.8.7"  => "0014",
    "0.8.7a" => "0015",
    "0.8.7b" => "0016",
    "0.8.7c" => "0017",
    "0.8.7d" => "0018",
    "0.8.7e" => "0019",
    "0.8.7f" => "0020",
    "0.8.7g" => "0021",
    "0.8.7h" => "0022",
    "0.8.7i" => "0023",
    "0.8.8"  => "0024",
    "0.8.8a" => "0024"

I will keep this article updated whenever I discover new versions that need adding.

Also note that this will not necessarily work, especially if there is a big difference between your Cacti version and the version the template was created with.


nA ni sivAm Image  05/03/2012 12:10 :: nA ni sivAm

okay. I tried this- updated the global_arrays.php.... now I get a different error:

"Error: XML: Generated with a newer version of Cacti."

Earlier i got this one- "Error: XML: Hash version does not exist." Can you please help me matey!

nA ni sivAm Image  06/03/2012 10:30 :: nA ni sivAm

The above issue is becos of using a lower version of Cacti. The best option is to upgrade. However, if anybody wants to try importing, the trick is to change the hash numbers the numbers from the 3rd to 6th pos represent the version that the cacti supports min. If you change it manually it will be imported. But whether it will work or not will be dependent on the features used in that template! good luck matey!

Jose Image  13/04/2016 13:45 :: Jose

I use 0.8.7 version, this is not an old one.

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