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Glen Pitt-Pladdy :: Blog

The Fuji saga part 3....

This continues on the saga of getting my E900 repaired under warranty.  Last time I had a look at the new fault Fuji introduced by repairing the original failure. So far I have been without the camera in a fully working state for nearly 3 weeks.

Back again...

Where we left off last time, I had discovered the noisy lens drive motor.

After calling Fuji on Tuesday 18/11/2008, they seemed really happy to have it back and replace the noisy optical unit again. What is better, they said they would send out a pre-paid bag to send it back in.

That all seemed good, but then nothing happened until Saturday 22/11/2008 when the bag finally arrived. No hurry then!

After following the packing instructions I headed down the post office (we got the new Argos style queuing system where the staff stand around for ages waiting for the customers to realise that their number has been called, and then navigate their way across through the crowds to the counter, all further increasing the wait for everyone else - someone aught to tell them that with Argos is that they can call people in the order the stuff comes out the warehouse instead of the order they come through the door).

Fuji's instructions explicitly say that they should give me the receipt off the bag at the post office as it contains the Fuji job number to track the work, but they where having none of it and wouldn't give me the receipt and where adamant that all I needed was the post office receipt which had the tracking number on. I tried to explain that it was only the Royal Mail tracking number but to no avail and left them to carry on. Fortunately I already had the job number recorded (I have taken to carefully documenting things I send for repair now that I have had the repair process go wrong so often).

Anyway, with a but of luck, I should have the camera back again in about a week, and am looking forward to having a good "take anywhere" compact camera again.


It's not over yet - read the next part.


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