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Glen Pitt-Pladdy :: Blog

The Fuji saga continued....

This is a continuation from the initial fault with the camera - Venetian Blinds from Fuji.

Special non-Delivery

I packaged the camera up securely (all original packaging, a layer of bubble wrap and then in another box) and sent the camera off on Monday 10/11/2008 via Royal Mail Special Delivery which should arrive by 1pm the next day and is a tracked service so I should know where it is at all times from the Royal Mail or Post Office web sites.

The first time I checked was on Tuesday evening when the camera should have been delivered, and all it said was "Your item has reached the delivery office and is out for delivery. We can confirm that your item left the delivery office this morning and should arrive shortly if it hasn’t been delivered already."

Ok - so maybe the info was a bit delayed in getting onto their site..... I checked again on Wednesday, and it still had exactly the same.  Saturday 15/11/2008, I checked once more, and it still says the same.

Where's it gone?

Today, Monday (17/11/2008) I checked with Fuji, and they had in fact received it, fixed it and shipped it back..... and it arrived back during the day.


The short answer: Nope - I guess it was too much to expect.

The paperwork with it says that they replaced the Lens Assembly. The result is that now the smooth, quiet zoom only works in one direction - zooming out.  Zooming in results in a nasty plastic gears noise.  Listen to Zooming Out - that's what I would call normal.  Then Listen to Zooming In - very noisy.

Now What?

The plan now is to give Fuji a call and see what they have to say.  I am not happy with them having fixed one problem, only to have created another.  Who is to say that a few months down the line (when it is out of warranty), the lens motor fails due to excess load or something.

Why do so few companies actually just fix problems without messing something else up? I have had a number of incidents where I have sent something in for repair with the manufacturer, only to have it comeback with a different fault.

I am continuing to follow this on the blog. Next: The Fuji saga part 3....